Techmate Tricks
Setting up Passkeys

Guide to setting up a secure Passkey for Your Amazon Account

Avoid Tolls

Drive Smart, Save More: Your Guide to Avoiding Tolls on Google Maps

Threads Profile

Unlinking Threads: Delete Threads profile separately from Instagram

Instagram New Setting

Thread Management 101: Keeping your Threads posts off Instagram and Facebook

Dark Web Report

Dark Web Monitoring in Google One: Keeping Your Digital Footprint Safe from Dark Web Threats

iPhone Trackpad

Unlock the hidden iPhone trackpad with this coolest keyboard trick

Manual removal of Kindle Sample

No longer need a Kindle book sample? Here’s how to erase it from your device

Mac Menu Bar always visible

Solving the case of disappearing Mac menu Bar and keeping it visible all the time

Blend in Spotify

Spotify Blend function merges 2 musical tastes under one curated playlist

Charms in Snapchat

What are Snapchat Charms? How to use or hide them

Spotify Snake Game

The hidden snake game on Spotify will remind you of the old snake game with a musical twist


How to turn off your YouTube History