Techmate Tricks
Android Screen Time Limit

Android Screen time limit lets you keep tabs on what you get up to on your phone

X Passkey toggle

Bid farewell to passwords to swap it with passkeys for your X account

Pixel Cough and Snore detection

Unravel your nocturnal secrets with Cough and Snore detection in Google Pixel

Block WhatsApp User

How to find out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp?

Copy Paste on Mac

Swiftly fix the Copy Paste not working in Mac issue

Apple Watch Tip Function

Solving the mystery: Where’s the Tip Button in Apple Watch Calculator app

Google Camera Photo Sphere

See your universe in a different light with Google Photo Sphere in Google camera

Opera Browser Lucid Mode

Enhance video quality of treasured old videos with Opera browser’s Lucid Mode

iPhone one-handed mode

Switch to iPhone one-handed mode for a user-friendly experience

WhatsApp Web App

WhatsApp web screen lock is the failproof way to hide your messages from snooping pals

Google Drive Files

Here’s how to restore deleted Google Drive files if you want to rescue lost items

Amazon Echo Show

Think Alexa is spying on you? Stop Alexa from listening to address your privacy concerns