Techmate Tricks
WhatsApp Web App

WhatsApp web screen lock is the failproof way to hide your messages from snooping pals

Google Drive Files

Here’s how to restore deleted Google Drive files if you want to rescue lost items

Amazon Echo Show

Think Alexa is spying on you? Stop Alexa from listening to address your privacy concerns

Facebook Link History featured

Concerned about Facebook Link History feature? Enable or disable it discretely

Echo Show from Amazon

Disable ads on the Echo Show to put photos and a clock in focus rather than ads and suggestions

Google Maps Bluetooth Tunnel Beacons toggle

Google Maps not working inside Tunnels? Here’s how to fix it

Security Delay iPhone image

iPhone Stolen Device Protection promises to make your life more convenient

Create an even on Facebook

How to create an event on Facebook to boost your online or offline visibility

Gmail Unsubscribe Button

Unsubscribe from pesky Gmail emails for iOS in just one step

Download Instagram Reels

Now make Instagram Reels video download in the gallery of your iPhone directly

RCS Messages

What the landing of Rich Communication Services protocol to iPhones mean to you

Setting up Passkeys

Guide to setting up a secure Passkey for Your Amazon Account