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Meet the Team

Hemant Saxena

His responsibilities at techmatetricks include producing quality, personable, and informative content as well as managing social media. He is the founder of Techmatetricks. In other roles, he writes on everything from consumer gadgets to popular apps and has had a fruitful spell writing about wearables too. This all follows more than 10-year career in professional research publishing.

Kshitij Saxena

He has been writing about tech and gadgets for the last few years and enjoys sharing that passion with anyone that will listen. In the years that followed he dabbled in cloud infrastructure starting with the humble AWS before moving to Azure and GCP. Over the years, Kshitij’s passion for cloud technology has only grown. Apart from that he spends most of his time keeping fit and raising a family. He co-owns Techmatetricks with Hemant Saxena.

Aniket Akalekar

His area of focus and expertise has mostly been centered on mobile technology, but he is equally adept at judging headphones and audio products. Other roles have seen him taking the chair as Editor at Techmatetricks and making a valuable contribution through his input. When not writing or editing, he spends a lot of time watching movies and listening to music and passing it off as work.