Fix Compass app not working issue in Apple Watch

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Even though there’s little left to discover on Earth today, exploring areas that are still new to us can be fun. The compass app in Apple Watch can be your great companion in this dream adventure. It not only shows the direction on its screen but also your current location and elevation levels that can aid your navigation. However, before you set out make sure you know this workaround just in case you find the compass app not working in Apple Watch.

How to fix the compass app not working in Apple Watch

Whether you are traveling in the woods or planning a kayaking mission, having access to a reliable compass app ensures you are going in the right direction. It makes your life a lot easier but when the same app stops working things can go awry. For instance, on some occasions, you might notice a red spinning radar or the outer ring of the compass app in Apple Watch just spinning and never pointing to North. It could even fetch you incorrect readings. Check these settings on the companion iPhone to fix the compass app not working in Apple Watch issue.

Unlock your iPhone and go to Settings. Scroll down to the Privacy section.

Expand it to go to the Location service. If it is disabled, enable it to make more options visible.

Enable Location Services iPhone
Enable Location Services iPhone

Then, tap the System services entry at the bottom of the screen to expand its menu.

Location System Services iPhone
Location System Services iPhone

Locate and enable the following options –

  • Compass calibration
  • Motion Calibration & Distance.
Fix compass app not working in apple watch
Fix compass app not working in apple watch

Note – The presence of magnets can affect the accuracy of any compass sensor. As such, Apple Watch bands equipped with magnets will likely interfere with its results. Avoid using them. Also, make sure not to remove the Compass app from your iPhone. Because, when you remove the app from your iPhone it will also be removed from your Apple Watch.

The good thing about the digital compass is that it replicates the look and feel of classic pocket compass hardware. It works pretty well too but at times, can behave oddly. Then, you can follow the list of instructions given above to easily fix it. If the Compass app still fails to respond or can’t calibrate, the magnetic interference found in certain scenarios could be the cause of the issue. These magnetic interferences are more common in dense urban areas, indoor spaces with limited connectivity, or objects like a car.

Hope that makes sense!