The hidden snake game on Spotify will remind you of the old snake game with a musical twist

Spotify Snake Game

Just like the old classic snake game, I can combine tracks in my Spotify playlist by gobbling up all the tracks in sight and grow in length to score points. Yes, there’s a hidden snake game on Spotify that gives me a fun and challenging way to play the same old snake game but with a musical twist. The new variant developed by the audio streaming service operates in a similar way to the standard Snake Game. Plus, it retains all the necessary core gameplay mechanisms.

How to play the hidden snake game on Spotify?

Combining a puzzle element with fast-paced movement, I find the Hidden Snake game on Spotify adds more of an adventure feel to it. However, the way to access it is not as immediately obvious as it appears to be. You must dig a bit deeper into the meatball menu (visible as 3 horizontal dots) to locate the ‘Eat this Playlist’ option and start your game. We’ll get there in a bit so continue to read along!

Launch the Spotify app on your iPhone. Make sure the app is up to date.

Tap Your Library icon at the bottom of the screen. Select a Playlist from your music library. Tap the Menu (visible as 3 horizontal dots) next to the Invite Collaborators option.

Your Library
Your Library

When directed to a new screen, scroll down to the Eat his playlist option and tap to select it. It is important to note here that the feature is still in the testing phase and is currently available only on iOS and in certain markets.

Eat This Playlist

The option will instantly remind you of the arcade-style classic game with one big difference – the food the Snake eats here isn’t eggs or apples or eggs but the individual tracks in your selected playlist.

Gently swipe your index finger in the desired direction on the screen to maneuver your snake in its quest to survive as long as possible and score more than your previous record.

Every track in the playlist will show up as a small box displaying the album art. In addition, Spotify will play the track that’s displays on the screen.

Hidden Snake Game on Spotify
Hidden Snake Game on Spotify

Once the snake devours a track, the next one in the playlist pops up, bringing some visual changes to match the album art and automatically switching the screen to a different color. This lends a new element of energy to the game while maintaining its retro roots. As you play through, you’ll discover that the growing snake is a chain of the different songs in the playlist.

Final take

During testing, I hit the ‘+’ button in the top left corner out of curiosity to see what happens next. The audio-streaming service instantly added the track to my Liked Songs list. While doing this, I inadvertently crashed into the sides. If the same happens to you, just tap the Try again button to start a new game. However, this will start out with just the head of the Snake again.

Try Again Button
Try Again Button

Spotify doesn’t start over from the first track in the playlist but picks up where I left off. Also, once all the songs in the playlist end or rather are ‘eaten’ up by the Snake, the playlist starts playing songs from the beginning, ensuring me a virtually endless game so long I continue to survive. It’s just like Spotify’s crossfade feature that allows seamless transition between songs on select playlists.

On a sidenote: If you have the AssistiveTouch option ‘On’ you might experience some difficulty touching the scree. I recommend you disable it temporarily.