Dark Web Report and Results about you are Google’s new combined solutions to keep you safe online for free

Google One Dar Web Report

Google is stepping up its game by rolling out the Dark Web report to everyone with a regular Google account. Previously this perk was only for Google One members, subscribed at different tiers of Google One plans. Now anyone signed in with a free Google account can access it.

Google Integrates its Dark Web Report with Results About You feature

Google says it is focusing more on providing the most in-demand features. However, at the core, these two tools play the role of a superhero duo for online privacy. While the Dark Web Report watches for trouble, spotting breaches in your info like address, phone number, and email, ‘Results About You’ helps you clean up any messes by removing your contact info from search results—like a magic eraser for your online presence.

You can view it as a combined solution from Google to help users protect their online presence for free.

When I opened the Google One app on my Pixel 7, a pop-up banner at the top announced that this feature will no longer be available in the app “starting in late July.”

Google Dark Web Report Notification
Google Dark Web Report Notification

Clicking “learn more” took me to the Google One Help support page explaining the Dark Web Report’s integration with Results About You.

Tapping the Results About You link shows a message saying the tool isn’t available in my region yet. I knew it would be available by the end of the month, as my region was listed among the 46 countries, including the US and UK.

The free availability of the feature couldn’t come at a better time, especially with recent news about billions of passwords being dumped on a hacking forum. With so many people falling victim to hacking, info leaks, or identity theft, it’s a crucial tool for protecting your online privacy.