The Siren sound in Apple Watch Ultra can draw people’s attention to you when in need of dire help

Apple Watch Ultra Edition

Apple Watch Ultra does everything the company’s other watches can do but some of the new capabilities like a built-in siren sound make it a more reliable tool to seek help if you believe you’re in danger. The smartwatch is known to handle tough conditions and so you can trust it for your survival when things go awry outdoors on high terrains or in some event of misfortune.

How to enable Siren sound in Apple Watch Ultra to get help?

The 86-decibel Siren sound upon activation cycles between two different tones – a distress signal and the universal SOS pattern. But Before you activate this potentially life-saving tool, you’ll need to the Settings app, scroll down to the Action Button menu, locate the Siren option, and tap the Hold to Turn On toggle to enable it. Then, use one of the following methods to activate the Siren sound on the Apple Watch Ultra.

  1. Action Button
  2. Side Button
  3. Siren App
  4. Invoke Siri

It’s a useful feature but you’ll hopefully never have to use it!

1] Use the Action Button

Alongside the large speakers on the opposing side of the Side button on the Apple Watch (Ultra edition), you can find the Action button. It’s highlighted in vivid International Orange color.

Action Button
Action Button

Just Press and hold it until the Siren slider appears. When seen, move the slider to the opposite end to start the countdown timer.

Play Apple Watch Ultra Siren Sound
Play Apple Watch Ultra Siren Sound

A red border should be visible around the watch screen with a Call button to allow you to contact emergency services. After the countdown, Siren starts.

Siren Sound Activation
Siren Sound Activation

Alternatively, you can press and hold the Action button to start the countdown, then continue holding the Action button until Siren starts.

2] Use the Side button

Similarly, you can use the Side button to activate the Siren sound. Just press and hold the Side button until the Siren slider appears.

Press Side Button
Press Side Button

Then, drag the Siren slider to start a countdown and activate the Siren.

Apple Watch Ultra Side Button
Apple Watch Ultra Side Button

If you don’t want to be able to start Siren using this continual hold action, just go to Settings, choose the Action Button, and turn off the Hold to Turn On option.

3] Access the Siren app

The Siren also has a dedicated app for easy access. Simply open apps in the List View or Grid View and look for the Siren app. When found, tap to open the app and use it.

Apple Watch Ultra Siren Sound app
Apple Watch Ultra Siren Sound app

4] Invoke Siri

You can invoke Siri to open the app and carry out the same task.

How to turn off Siren?

You can cancel Siren feature either during the countdown or after it. In the former case, just release the Action button when you are holding it to cancel the sound. Else, if you have initiated the countdown by dragging the Siren slider, rest the palm of your hand on the watch display for at least three seconds to cancel.

How loud is Apple Watch Ultra Siren?

The sound of the siren is far louder and can reach 86 decibels, audible enough for a person standing even 600 feet away from the source.

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